Merpy World TCG Pack (18 cards)

  • Merpy World TCG Pack (18 cards)
  • Merpy World TCG Pack (18 cards)
  • Merpy World TCG Pack (18 cards)

Each pack consists of a random set of
13 common cards
4 rare cards
1 legendary card

Merpy World is a "sandbox" collectible trading card game designed to be simple and fun for everyone. It is considered a "sandbox" because there are many different ways to play allowing for cards and gameplay to always have surprises. While there are many "official" game types it is also encouraged to create your own ways to play and do whatever you want with the cards!

Author Notes:

This has been in the works for a while. Always have been a fan of trading card games but lots of them can be overly complicated for others. I wanted to create one that is super simple, easy to play, fun, light-hearted, tailored for the youth and young adults of the modern day.πŸ›ΉπŸŽ¨πŸ§©
All you need to play is your own set of Merpy cards and a willing opponent.
If you are playing the standard game it is simple. Each turn you play a Merpy, Attack an enemy Merpy, and then draw a card. Only 3 Merpys can be on the battlefield at a time.
Each Merpy has a special power, some of which even interact with the real world. 😱
Examples: +2 damage if you wear prescription glasses
+3 damage against red Merpys
+2 health if you have a pet cat πŸ’•
You win the game by eliminating all of the opponents Merpys in a beautiful yet gruesome fashion. πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š
It is a blast to play and you won't need to teach your friend a whole set of rules and regulations. On the other hand you could also come up with your own complicated game type to bend your friends and foes mind!
Ideally new sets of cards will be coming out once every couple of months, constantly adding more Merpys to collect and build your deck with. ☺️
There are Common, Rare, and Legendary cards all of which you have a random chance of receiving with each pack.
Thank you everybody and I can't wait to continue to make this into hopefully one of the best trading card games ever 🀍


Try and collect them all and be the ultimate Merpy World player!

The current existing official gametypes are

Standard Lite
Speed War

You can find duplicate cards in a pack.

It is recommended to have 30 cards for a regular base deck.

This is a worldwide pre order with an estimated shipping time of 4-8 weeks